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Life over Law.

Life over Law.

Over the past year I have been keeping you all up to date with the success Jackson has been seeing with cannabis oil. We have also been treating my daughter with cannabis in the hopes we could see some positive results for her as well. I am pleased to say that we have. Lillyauhna suffers from a condition known as neurofibrometosis type 1. This is a genetic disorder that affects all nerves within the body. Many people with NF1 develop tumors on their nerve endings, or fibromas. Lillyauhna developed a brain stem glioma when she was 3 years old. This was a slow-growing glioma that was inoperable. This type of glioma was benign so the treatment recommendation was watch and wait. We began doing Mri scans every six months. She routinely had these scans for about 5 years. Then one day she began to have dizzy spells. she became lethargic and was falling down often. In April of 2015 Lillyuahna fell down a flight of stairs so we immediately rushed her to the hospital. The doctors ordered anothe Mri and found she had a new glioma developing on her optic nerve. This time the doctor said she was becoming symptomatic and it was time for chemotherapy. In may we met with the brain tumor team at our local oncology center and opted for a surgical port placement and 52 weeks of chemo.She began Chemo in May and immediately started to suffer from neusea, headaches,neuropathy,joint pain, loss of appetite, more dizziness, and general fatigue.File_000 (8) We treated these symptoms with a slew of medications. dangerous opiates and neuropathic medicines. None of these gave complete relief. We would continue with this treatment until December of 2015. On December 30th of 2015 Lilly went in for her weekly chemo treatment five minutes into infusion she began coughing and struggling for air. She started to turn pale almost translucent and then blue. I watched as the life seemed to be draining right out of her. All the while yelling for help. The nurses rush in and start yelling she’s anaphylactic. They put oxygen on her and start iv Benadryl as well and stick with an epi pen. They explain that she had a rare allergic reaction to the Carboplantin she was receiving and that she would no longer be able to receive that treatment.

We spent New years in the hospital.File_003 (1) When she was discharged we began looking at other treatment options. Her doctor suggested a new safe form of chemo for her and we elected to go that route. It wasn’t until my dad fell ill with cancer that we learned of the benefits of medical cannabis oil. In may Lilly started taking Copper mountains  1:1 5% low THC oil. Shortly there after we stopped taking all other medications. Immediately we started to see results. She was no longer sick and vomiting, her neuropathy had gone away, her abdominal migraines vanished, and she was able to return to school full-time. By July of 2016 we were able to remove the port and have since changed her ratio to a 3:1 option. Lilly’s neuropathy remains under control. Her migraines are rare. She no longer suffers from dizziness. She sleeps well and has now completed and entire year of school without missing one single day related to her illness. Her tumors have remained stable with no growth. I was illegally treating my child for her condition because the doctors had told us that even though she was an oncology patient she was not qualified under the current law. The medicine they gave my child nearly took her life but she was unable to have access to cannabis because she was not considered to be end stage disease. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Witnessing the tremendous success Lillyuahna had seen with cannabis I also shared her story with our state representatives and asked that they offer a better way for children like Lilly and Oncology patients in general. Why do we have to be dying to get access to a medicine that could very well save us. I am happy to say they heard what I had to say and adjusted the law accordingly to cover those suffering people. This week Lillyauhna qualified for a medical cannabis card under the new Ga law. We can  now legally posses the medicine she is being treated with. This has been a very difficult journey to say the least. I want to make this point to anyone reading this. When I began this journey I never thought that our story would impact others the way it has. I felt so insignificant in this cause. Honestly the truth is no matter who you are or what your story is. You can and will have an impact on someone who is struggling with the same or similar issues. Do not be afraid to share. Don’t think for one minute that you have nothing to add to this because you are wrong. I ask you to join with me and many others in sharing your personal stories with your friends, your families, and especially your representatives. As my good friend Sharon Ravert says “If we are talking we are winning”. until next time friends.


*Canna Mom*

Taking on the World.

Taking on the World.

Now that Jackson has passed his One year Cannaversary I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you what life is like now. Jackson was successfully off all prescription medications for seven months. During those months we watched him become stronger and develop more and more. He had gained the ability to dance,run,jump and play almost completely in step with his siblings. His doctors however are anxious. Jackson’s disease is a one in a million disease. There is not a lot of medical research and treatment plans that have shown any amount of success. Because Jackson is the youngest child his doctors have seen with this disease they fear the long-term damage of the disease is to unknown to chance not being on an anti-inflammatory medication. So we began giving him an NSAID with his Cannabis oil and ginger root. Jackson is still developing far beyond what would normally be expected for a child with Cerebral Palsy and CRMO. The success that he has seen has opened a whole new world for him.File_000 (3) This year we took to our state capital to share Jackson’s Journey with cannabis and ask our legislators to please consider making his treatment a legal option. Jackson’s conditions are not yet considered debilitating enough to get a medical cannabis recommendation and registration card here in the state of Georgia. It’s clearly obvious from seeing Jackson’s progression over the past year that cannabis is the only treatment that works for him, we thought this would be an easy sell. We were sadly mistaken. So whats next for this little cannabis warrior? School. Jackson will begin school in three months. The hope is he will be able to attend mainstream classes without the use of mobility devices. This is big step for him as he has never been off the medicine during the middle of the day. We are hopeful that tweaking his morning dose will allow for him to maintain mobility pain-free throughout the school day. With Jackson beginning school this opens up a lot free time for me. I have every intention to continue to lobby our state capital and local legislators until the day that everyone has the ability to use this medicine. So that no mother has to watch their child suffer. So that my son can go to school and take his medicine in the middle of the day. To hopefully break barriers and remove the stigma attach to cannabis here in the south and hopefully across the country. I have found over the past year that cannabis has consumed my life. I am in no way a recreational user of cannabis and I am barely a medical user. I fight this fight with the people here in Ga because I believe in a better quality of life. I believe in personal choice, I believe in safer alternatives, I believe that the war on drugs is a war on people, that the government is far to involved in what we the people do with our own bodies. I believe that as a parent I should have the right to medicate my child anyway I see fit without fear of persecution. I implore you all to start speaking out and to help break the silence, to no longer be the silent majority but the overwhelmingly outspoken majority. I watched so many patients testify before our house of representatives and out state senate.All the while  thinking  we were making big progress, just to watch it fall short leaving behind so many sick and suffering people. Men women and children alike.File_000 (6) I sat with parents of autistic children and watched them celebrate with tears of relief and joy. I felt the relief they were feeling, but I also  felt the loss and sadness not only for myself and my children but for the autistic child I had to give up when things became too much. I felt all the anger and frustration of wishing I had known of this medicine sooner. Thinking that it may have given us another option. Feeling guilt for having failed my son. I found myself devastated all over again by my loss. I tried to focused on the positive. That now many parents across the state would have this option. I held on to the hope that no mother would ever have to feel the sadness and despair I had felt in the days leading up to moving my child 800 miles away. I also felt hope that one day my son would be able to come home and have a treatment option. The passing of this recent legislation appeared on the outside to be a big step forward in Ga. The truth of the matter was the majority of folks were left sitting in the rubble of the “compromise bill”. Those with chronic pain were bargained off the bill, those with debilitating autoimmune condition were left behind. Even our veterans. Those brave men and women who went to war for us. Those who fought for our right to speak out freely, Had again been ignored. They had become just another casualty of politics. It makes you wonder when did our veterans become so insignificant to our country? you see I believe if a veteran is reaching out for help that he or she should get that help no matter what. They dedicated years of their lives so you and I could sit here today and read and write these blogs expressing out very own thoughts and feelings. Yet our legislators feel they don’t deserve safe access to life saving and life changing medicine.12821511_10208792878690274_5424071710079382976_n I can not sit down quietly and return to the capital next year so hopeful and believing these folks will do the will of the people. It has become my mission to show up in numbers, loud numbers. We intend to make a little noise and let these law makers know the time is now. The people have spoken. It is time to get on this train or get replaced by someone who is willing to do our work. We hired them to represent us! If they are unwilling to work with us then it’s time we find someone who is. Georgia I ask you to stand with us this session and help bring these much-needed changes. Contact me personally if you want to discuss this. Join your local Norml chapter they will keep you up to date on all the events and lobby days that will be coming. Reach out to your own representatives both state and federal.  Tell them you want them to represent you on this matter. You do not have to be afraid any longer. Do not fear the stigma. That stigma comes from ignorance and that ignorance is passing. Please stand on the right side of history and help us win this fight. Until next time



ABC’s of CBD/THC: What patients need to know.

ABC’s of CBD/THC: What patients need to know.

I have recently been getting a lot of questions from patients who need help understanding the medical cannabis industry. Unfortunately there are no real guidelines. So I give the best information available as a reference and often talk patients through dosing and appropriate medication for their individual ailments. This has prompted me to post what I hope will be a very informative and helpful piece in helping others find safe medication. Learning the lingo  will help insure you can make an informed decision. I know beginning the journey to understanding medical marijuana can be confusing and overwhelming. I hope these terms listed below are the helpful in figuring out what you as a patient really need to know. Let’s break it down to the basics. I’m sure we have all wondered how are THC/CBD medicines able to treat so many diseases and disorders? The answer if very simply this. EVERY human being is born with an Endocannabinoid system, otherwise referred to as your ECS or EC. The ECS is a group of cannabinoid receptors located in your brain. When you ingest CBD/THC in any form it activates these receptors. Essentially giving your body the natural boost it needs to help fight off symptoms and often times begin to “heal” itself. Now that we have covered the why or how does medical marijuana work let’s look at some of the common terms you will see when trying to find your way through this maze. We will focus on terms specifically related to medical cannabis to help “weed” out the information we as patients really need to know.

  • Alcohol extraction: The process of stripping the essential oils from the cannabis plant using alcohol. Most commonly ethyl or isopropyl alcohols are used.
  • Bud: slang term for the flower part of the marijuana plant (this is where we get the medicine)
  • Cbd (Cannabidiol): This is the cannabinoid that we find useful for treating arthritis, seizures, pain, neuropathy and a slew of other ailments
  • Hybrid: Combination of two or more plant species. For medical purposes you may see these 3 different Hybrid strains. Sativa-dominant, Indica-dominant, 50/50. Making Hybrids is essential in treating many illnesses.
  • Hydrocarbon extractions: A way of extracting CBD/THC oils using hydrocarbons like propane or butane
  • Indica: One of two major strains of cannabis plants. This strain has been found most useful for treating Cancer, body pain, relaxing muscles, and one of the major players in helping Seizure patients.
  • Indica is also helpful for insomnia patients due to it’s THC yeilds, it has also been know to have anti-inflammatory properties making this a great choice for those with arthritis.
  • Ruderalis: (Not so commonly used or discussed) is also a strain of cannabis plant. This plant is less commonly used by those looking for a high THC yield as this plant produces more CBD than THC.
  • Sativa: The second of the two major strains of cannabis plants. Sativa is preferred for patients looking to treat psychological issues such as depression. This strain of cannabis increases dopamine levels in the brain giving the patient increased feeling of pleasure, helping with motivation, productivity and focus. Sativa is known for giving patients a stimulating or euphoric effect

RSO: Rick Simpson Oil this is the oil most commonly used to fight cancer:

How much to start with? If you are fighting cancer or other life threatening disease Rick Simpson recommends ingesting 60 grams over a 90 day period to start.For non life threatening, start small. I repeat, start small as RSO is a concentrate. Getting your dose correct can be difficult. Different strains, different tolerances, even different batches of oil. What if I take too much? Don’t worry, you can’t die from taking too much, it is impossible because unlike opiates there are no cannabinoid receptors in the part of your brain that are responsible for your automatic baseline functions like making your heart beat, and breathing. So if you do take too much just rest easy.(taken from

  • Strain: You have seen this word used often so what does it mean? Simply put it is the kind of plant being used. This can be easily equated to the type of dog or cat breed you prefer.
  • THC: The abbreviation for the scientific term Tetrahydrocannabinol. The most common or known cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. THC is great when used for lack of appetite. This is the cannabinoid responsible for the high feeling that comes from smoking marijuana. Thc plays a large role in cancer cell death. Recently THC has been shown promising in treating Alzheimers disease.
  • Tincture: This term you will see when looking at cannabis as a medicine. This term refers to the liquid form of cannabis typically made from alcohol or coconut oil extraction.

Knowing these terms and learning about the different strains and hybrids available will help patients easily navigate their way through the countless articles online. Making research simpler and finding what works best for you much easier. I recommend this site they have a wealth of information:

This is the official Rick Simpson page. Mr. Simpson is the man who started it all by curing his own cancer with cannabis.

I strongly recommend watching the documentary Run from the cure as well:


Please be safe when purchasing oil I recommend NEVER buying any medication that is not lab tested! There are a lot of bad people out there selling garbage as RSO. Those people do not care if we live or die or if our loved ones get better. I again will say NEVER buy with out a lab test. This should be available upon request you should never have to pay first to see a lab or be told you have to pay for the lab from the company you get oil from. If you buy oil with out a lab and are in legal states there are places to have these labs performed. I will leave a sample lab report in this blog post. Looking for pesticide and microbials is important as well. Many company’s will add this to their final labs or will offer the results in a separate test preformed on the raw cannabis. I have a link on this blog site to a trusted company that always has labs readily available. You can find this link on the right hand side. My children and Step-Father use this medication. If you have any questions message me on Facebook Bridgett Liquori, or through my email contact form on this site. I do not make any money off anything I recommend. I do this because everyone deserves a chance to live and have the medicine they need to do so. I have seen my Dad given back months of his life(hopefully more), my son has regained his ability to walk. My daughter came off numerous prescriptions thanks to cannabis oil. I believe in this medicine.

This is a sample Raw cannabis lab report with microbial and pesticide testing.

sample lab report

This is a sample of a high THC coconut oil tincture. Microbial testing and solvent testing are included in this lab report.


This is the preferred report.(I personally will not purchase any oil that doesn’t have this report).

The bellow image is a certificate for Cannibinoid content. This only tells you what the amount of each cannibinoid is. This does not tell you whether the medicine was tested for microbials, pesticides, or residual solvents. Do not accept this as lab testing for microbial and pesticides and residual solvents. Residual solvents can have negative effect and make the medicine unsafe.


There are many different ways you will see lab results printed. Learning what to look for on these labs is just as important and learning what medicine will work best for you.

Resilience in the face of adversity.

Resilience in the face of adversity.

It’s been some time since I have had a moment to sit and blog about the amazing effects cannabis has had on Jackson. So long in fact it got me to thinking about how long it had been since Jackson has struggle through a pain filled day. So I went back through my daily record of Jackson’s activities and found  Jackson’s last bad day was June 5th 2016. A bad day consist of pain, stiffness, inability to walk or painful walking, and a lack of energy. Today is October 19th 2016. As of today it has been 136 days pain free and moving! Jackson continues to thrive with cannabis oil. He is currently taking 39-45 drops of Copper Mountain Elixirs 12:1 AC/DC coconut oil tincture. That is roughly 2 ml spread out over 3 doses each day. Jackson has seen some struggles with maintaining appetite still so I adjust his dose as needed to encourage eating through out the day. Today I want share with you a bit differently than I normally do. Most of you have found your way to this blog because at some point you viewed  Jackson’s video from Facebook. Well I want to share a couple more recent videos with you. The First one was taken June 5th on Jackson’s last bad day. The other is from yesterday October 18th 2016.

As you can see from these videos Jackson has so much energy. He’s free from pain, stiff muscles, and he is thriving.  Jackson has gone from being nearly non mobile, miserable and in pain, to running down the streets laughing and enjoying his life everyday. This is all the proof I need that Cannabis is medicine. I want to thank you for following Jackson’s Journey with cannabis oil. I am looking forward to sharing more of his progress, achievements, and triumphs with you. ~CannaMom

Medical Validation.

Medical Validation.

Every morning at breakfast I administer my children’s cannabis oil. I know that giving them this medicine is helping them i can see it in the way Jackson walks, I realize it more every day that  Jackson is fully functioning, in no pain, and mastering new skills. That for me is enough. For the medical community they like their blood work  and xray’s and all those expensive machine that look at everything you can imagine. They base the success of their treatments on the results. I like getting the results of treatments just as much as anyone would, that in it’s self is terrifying and sometimes exciting as well. Unfortunately for my family these test results are almost never good news. So when when Jackson and I headed off to the hospital for an all day full body MRI I was anxious what these results would say. I knew he was doing better overcoming the challenges of the Cerebral Palsy and we had seen reduction in his CRMO pain and flare ups. I was still very worried what the test would say in regard to Jackson’s bone conditions from CRMO damage. When Jackson last seen the Dr January 28th 2016, there was a great concern that the disease had spread to his spine. The thought was that either his spine was starting to curve or that there was inflammation so bad  that it was causing it to appear to be curving. His knees appeared to be swollen as well. Dr’s felt it was necessary to re-do a whole body MRI in order to get a good look at what was happening inside Jackson’s bones. So we set off to do the scan in early February however Jackson fell sick with a respiratory cold and we had to reschedule the scan. We were able to have the test done on June 27th 2016. I was not prepared for the results of this scan. On July 28th 2016 we met with Jacksons Rheumatologist.  Upon being taken back we met with the Physician Assistant. I told the her we had stopped using prescriptions completely almost 2 months ago and told her i added  THC oil as well as ginger root. During conversation i had also mentioned the video, she wanted to see it so i showed it to her.  She left and when the Dr came back she was with him as well as a student.The Dr. asked me what I had been doing to treat Jackson’s CRMO. I’d told him that I began treating Jackson with a high CBD low THC coconut oil tincture as well as ginger root extract and lotion made from cannabis on his affected areas. The Doctor was very interested in all I had to say about how I had been treating Jackson, how I weened him off the prescriptions and how well I felt he was doing with out them. He asked Jackson to walk for him as they do at every appointment, he checked him out and looked him over and began describing Jackson’s history with the student. He then says may I see the video? Of course i agreed and showed the video to the DR and student. After viewing the video The Dr says ” how do you get this” I told him i was not comfortable discussing that. He was very understanding of why i would not want to. He then asked what a months cost for this is, i gave him a general price. He went on to ask question regarding the medicine, what cannabinoids were in it and what was it extracted with.  I answered all his question and then asked what were the results of Jackson’s MRI? How is his spine looking? He said he is great!, He said they could’t find the original bone lesions that they had disappeared. That they could not find any lesions at all. that there was no spinal involvement . He looks great his blood work is perfect. However there were a few spots showing some inflammation in his legs. He told me to “Keep doing what I’m doing” that he felt this treatment was working well. So well in fact he said Jackson would not need a follow up appointment for at least six months, that he did not want to repeat blood work again (something we had done after every appointment before), and that he wasn’t going to order another MRI for at-least a year. He went on to say that if Jackson is showing the same results after his next MRI he would feel comfortable saying we may have found a successful treatment for CRMO. I was glowing. I could never had imagined this. I never thought when i set out to find some relief for Jackson’s CP that we would find a real safe treatment for his CRMO. One that would lead to him going off all prescriptions and thriving so well. I never thought we would ever get the support of his Dr in doing so, let alone here the Dr say “no prescriptions just do what you are doing it seems to be working well.”  There is no real way to describe how that feels. We now have medical validation and full Dr support. It’s time for changes and sharing these stories, telling our doctors what we are doing. It is so important in repealing this ridiculous prohibition. I hope everyone who reads this will share it with their friends. Spreading the information around is great in helping educate those who still believe cannabis is dangerous.


Reflections and hope for change.

Reflections and hope for change.

13419012_1036426069772622_1573726620864163460_nWatching Jackson progress over the past few weeks is the greatest thing that has happened for our family in quite some time. As I watch him playing with his siblings, participating in household chores, and insisting on doing things for his self I begin to realize that my “baby” boy will not be a baby any longer. Jackson has been walking so well he needs me less every day. I find him finally doing things that most two-year old’s have mastered and it melts my heart. I am filled with joy as I find him raiding the pantry for Marshmallows. Teaching him to master the art of walking up and down steps, recalling how simple and easy this was for my four other children it reminds me just how far behind Jackson is. This same realization also reminds me how blessed he is because there are so many other children who will never meet these milestones. With every step he takes I think of those who are still in need and it pulls at my heart. I recall how I was frustrated at the pharmacy when I had to have Jackson’s newest script filled. Just to be told the insurance will not cover this, then being told that the pharmacy couldn’t fill the medication if the insurance did cover it. The reason being this was a special medicine that had to be mixed a certain way and only a handful of pharmacy’s were capable of doing so. To top it off the cost of the medicine alone would have dead ended us as it was not affordable. This brings to the front of my mind the struggles so many parents like my self are facing. As parents we deserve the legal right to treat our children safely with any medication made from the cannabis plant. We should not be named criminals for wanting to do right by our children. We took that responsibility when we decided to bring these children into the world, and it is out duty to provide them safety, security, nourishment and all necessary medical care. It is my belief that giving Jackson medicine extracted from the cannabis plant is necessary for treating his medical conditions. So many out there would argue this saying I’m masking his pain and that’s what is allowing him walk. To you I say watch the beginning of his journey again. Those first two videos of Jackson were recorded while he was taking Lortab. For those who do not know Lortab is a Hydrocodone bitartrate and Acetaminophen oral solution. In simple terms he was taking Opioid medication. This alleviated some of his pain yet he struggled to move because the Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy was not being treated by the Lortab or naproxen he had been taken. Why is that? Well the Lortab masks pain and the Naproxen reduces inflammation, none of those drugs relaxed any of these muscles that were causing him to struggle with movement. Jackson continued fighting to use muscles that refused to respond. This is where the CBD oil changes Jackson life. Adding 12:1 CDB/THC oil to his treatment gave him exactly what his body needed. Giving him relief safely and with out side effects. The high CBD relaxed those tightened muscles and once he found his footing he was off to the races. Working muscles he had not been able to use before, he was no longer fighting against his own body allowing him the energy to keep going. He didn’t need to rest as often the first few days. Jackson is building good muscle tone and he continues to do so getting better day by day. And yes he still has some bad days where he is hurting and not moving so well, however these new “bad” days are nothing compared to his old bad days.

How cannabis oil is helping Jackson thrive.

How cannabis oil is helping Jackson thrive.

12994391_1002934803121749_4377978047364445972_nJackson began his journey to all better on May 16th 2016. On this day i began administering 10 drops of Copper Mountain Elixirs ACDC 12:1 coconut oil tincture 3 times a day under his tongue. I decided to begin taking notes as well as video upon starting this to see for myself if this would really work or if i was just wishful seeing. Sometimes as parents we want something so bad for our children we can nearly convince ourselves something is doing something that i may not be. These videos would be all the proof i would need. Day one Jackson took 10 drops at 11 am i then went for a long walk with Jackson in the stroller. After returning home Jackson ate and went to the pool for his daily soak in the sun. Around 4 pm i again gave Jackson 10 drops of the CBD/THC oil directly under his tongue right before dinner. After dinner i noticed Jackson seemed to be more mobile than normal he was still very tight and walked a bit stiff but he did seem to me to be loosening up. I tried not to read to much into it and get to excited but i couldn’t help myself. I was amazed to see him so active. Around 9 pm i gave Jackson his final 10 drops of the day and decided to video him walking down the hall, i wanted to keep adequate documentation. As you can tell from the video Jackson appeared to be walking fairly fluid a bit stiff and rigid but no pain. This is uncommon for Jackson at the end of a long day where he should have been worn out sore and most days limping or crawling by this time. I was astounded. Because Jackson suffers from CRMO i felt is important to document the weather as it has a big impact on how he feels. Most cold days Jackson is stiff and complains of pains, not really different than someone who suffers from arthritis. May 17th day two was a slightly colder day. Jackson began his morning as usual complaining of what he calls bone pain. I gave him breakfast and 10 drops of the oils. He continued on his day playing in his room laying on the floor watching T.V as he does most cold days. By lunch Jackson was up and walking around and ready to eat. Jackson has not eaten  three meals daily  in nearly two years. The medication he was on for the CRMO gave him stomach aches and acid reflux so he needed to take an antacid to combat that. He often wouldn’t eat much if any lunch and struggled through his dinner. Seeing him excited and ready to eat made me happy. So after lunch i gave him 10 more drops of the oil and he went outside to play in his pool. (this is his favorite place currently) Around 6 pm we sat down for dinner and i was amazed to see him finish his dinner and asked for seconds. By this time i could’ve cared less if the coconut oil helped with the tight muscle tone because for the first time in a very long time my little man was eating! So after dinner he helped clean up and put dishes in the dishwasher around 8 pm i again gave him the 10 drops and took his video. His walk was not much different from the day before but he was happy and so was I. We continued with this treatment for the next two days before increasing the dose as Jackson was still needing his prescription medication for bone pain. I decided to give 10 drops at breakfast 12 after lunch and 13 around bedtime. While treating Jackson with CDB/Thc oil I began to wonder if there were any other options to help fight of the inflammation he was having .  I found research that suggested ginger root extract was effective in treating inflammation so I decided to purchase a bottle and had Jackson begin taking one 550mg capsule with lunch. By the end of day 6 Jackson was walking very fluidly almost near normal with out pain and his foot was not nearly as turned out as it used to be. The reason for this is that the CBD is allowing those tight muscles to relax, in other words the high CBD content was a natural muscle relaxant and the very low THC content was helping with any pain he may have had. The key to understanding how this little guy went from struggling and pain to fluid walking is the CBD allowing those muscles to relax gaving him the freedom to move. The THC has increased his appetite allowing him to eat and maintain the energy he needs to strengthen those underlying muscles. The amazing result of those cannaboids combined came on day 7 when for the FIRST time in Tonka’s little life he was able to walk down steps completely unassisted and finished it off with his very first jump! I feel so blessed to have been able to catch this on camera. I had seen Jackson step up on those tiny stones and asked him to stop. I got my camera and told him to go ahead his response to me was “all by myself” he was telling me to let him try all by his self, I praise the lord I did. That moment changed my life forever. At the very moment he jumped I felt an overwhelming desire to spread the word. I shared the video with some friends who thought it would be helpful to others to see. I decided to send them some older videos of poor little Jackson’s struggle, and that is how the video came about. Since the video I have continued to track Jackson’s progress with more videos ,notes and photos. And yes he has still had a few bad days, but those bad days they are not nearly as bad as they used to be. I have changed Jackson’s dosing with the ginger root and added another 550mg pill given at dinner. This has been helpful in keeping up with CRMO flare up’s. I am certain we will see more positive progress with Jackson as he continues using Cannabis Oil. I look forward to his next appointment with the Rheumatologist, and his upcoming MRI scan. As always I will continue to update Jackson’s progress in video, photo, and blog posts here at as well as with Copper Mountain Elixirs.

How our journey to the cure began

How our journey to the cure began

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I am the mother to 6 wonderful children three of my amazing children have what we call special needs. For this blog I am going to begin with focusing on my youngest son Jackson or as we call him often Tonka.  We wanted to share Jackson’s story in the hopes that more parents and people in general would be able to see the miracle of what I call GOD’S medicine. I’m going to begin by sharing Jackson’s story.

Jackson was born 8 weeks early and spent nearly two months in the neonatal intensive care unit. After being discharged and sent home Jackson developed much more slowly than kids his age. He struggled to do thing most children are able to do and by the age of ten months I became concerned so we set out for answers. He was screened by early intervention and diagnosed with global developmental delay. Two months later Jackson was due back at the neurologist for a follow up check of his brain bleed they had found while in NICU. We re scanned and found that there was no change. His neurologist at this appointment then diagnosed Tonka with Cerebral Palsy or more often referred to as CP.

Jackson began a life of physical and occupational therapy to get him to basic functionality. He struggled to sit, crawl, roll over, walk, eat holding his own bottle was challenging. I was the mother to an infant for nearly 12 months before he was able to do anything most children master by six months. Jackson finally became mobile at the age of two. He was beginning to walk. His walk was struggled and unique to him due to his high (tight) muscle tone but we were grateful for mobility non the less. Not long after Jackson found his legs as I say a mysterious illness struck leaving myself and his doctors struggling for answers.

In July of 2014 Jackson started having fevers and ear aches so I took him into the doctor. they diagnosed him with an ear infection and sent us home, the next day Jackson seemed to be in extreme pain trying to sit up he couldn’t roll without crying and refused to eat anything. I continued with the treatment for the ear hoping it was just a bad day, but I was wrong what I though was a bad day was just the first of many nightmare days. The following day Jackson seemed almost crippled with pain and fever unable to move he was stiff and ridged nothing helped I again took him to the doctor who found the ear infection gone and then decided to run blood test and a bone scan. They had noticed inflammation in his bones and were concerned he may be suffering from possible meningitis, they sent us home and wanted us to come back for a spinal tap after blood work results came in.

I took Jackson home but something was pulling at me telling me to take him to the hospital in the next town so later that night my anxiety grew and I took Jackson into the hospital in the next town they immediately drew labs did a spinal tap and admitted him to the pediatric ward afraid he may have meningitis. Later the next day test came back that he in fact did not have meningitis so the search began to find out what was causing this illness. Over the course of 2 weeks the doctors did multiple test Mri and bone scans, medicating my son with Lortab and Tylenol along with naproxen. Every day his blood work showed elevated inflammatory markers yet there was no idea why. Finally the doctor comes in and says I believe after all the test we can say that your son I suffering from Kawasaki disease. They recommended IVIG therapy and continue with medications, once my sons blood work came back with expectable inflammation marker numbers he would be discharged even though none of his symptoms had been elevated by their therapy’s and medications.

The day we took Jackson home he was still unable to walk it was uncomfortable and at times painful for him to sit I had to put my son back into a high chair and spoon feed him as if he was a small baby all over again. I was heartbroken scared and confused. I researched this disease and found nothing that was helpful for my child and no way to treat him, I watched him revert back to a baby and felt hopeless every day. For months I watched as my child struggled to walk. Cried for him at night prayed for answers and waited. When October came around we had a neurology appointment at a hospital four hours from home Halloween day, upon arrival the neurologist seemed very concerned with my son. She said that the Kawasaki he was diagnosed with should have cleared up long ago and that these symptoms were not symptoms of Kawasaki. The neurologist decided to admit my son to the hospital.

After being admitted Jackson again underwent multiple test, blood work, MRI, bone scans, you name he did it. His inflammation markers were elevated again and there was no real reason for it. I had to go home to get my other children to a friend so I could return to be with Jackson. Not long after arriving home I got THE call. It was the head of Jackson’s medical team at the hospital. I will never forget the words that changed my life. She said “I hate to tell parents this over the phone but I have to get your ok to do this test.” She said “we believe your son has Leukemia. Everything we have tested for and all the results as well as his scans lead us to believe this” my heart dropped out of my chest I felt like I was going to throw up. The doctor said “ we need your permission to do a bone aspiration” of course I agreed. The doctor then said ma’am there is one other possibility and it is very rare so rare in fact we would have to call in a specialist to help us if this test shows that it this. She stated it’s a Bone inflammatory condition known as Chronic Recurrent Multi-Focal Osteomelitis or CRMO. She said it’s a condition that cause inflammation in the bones because they believe there to be an infection and the white cells start attacking themselves causing inflammation pain swelling and redness. She said that with the bone aspiration they would be able to either confirm Leukemia or rule it out and if they ruled out leukemia they would be able to conclude that he suffers from CRMO.

I asked her to hold off the test until I could get back to hospital roughly four hours from then. They agreed I hung up the phone feel on the floor and cried and prayed and cried some more. I called family member after family member until I reached a friend who helped me through who calmed me down and was able to refocus me. After regaining my ability to function I packed up my little ones took them to my friends and hit the road. This was the longest four hours of my entire life. I spent that trip on the phone with anyone who would listen I distracted myself and kept my mind off everything. When I arrived back at the hospital I composed myself put on my best mom face and snuggled my little boy as we waited for him to get sent in for testing. We laughed and played but inside I never felt more like a robot on auto pilot putting my all into keeping my son at ease. When they took my son back for his test I was anxious and edgy the clock seemed to freeze.

The moment Jackson came back to the room all I could do was cuddle him I never wanted to let him again. They had taken a needle and removed a piece if the bone from the top of pelvic bone. It’s was saturated with blood, he was blissfully unaware smiling and happy to see me. Waiting for the results of that test was torture I prayed for the CRMO diagnosis because I knew that wasn’t a possible death sentence. I knew on top of all I had going on with my children that I could handle that. I was so afraid of the cancer diagnosis because it made me helpless there would be nothing I could do to make it better. I never wanted to watch any person, child or not go through the horrors of chemotherapy.

So when the test came back and team of 8 doctors came in to give is the news I held my breath and prepared for the worse. The doctor says we have good news and bad news. Bad news is Jackson has CRMO, I nearly cried. Good news is Jackson does not have Leukemia. I felt like the heavens had opened and were shining down on us. They went on to explain the treatment plan and set us up for discharge. Our mystery diagnosis had been solved. As relieved as I was this sparked something in me. I felt grieve and a heaviness for every parent that has to hear those word for any parent that has to endure chemotherapy I was heartbroken for the children that come to this place and I would never forget the feeling I felt the earth shattering moment my life was altered and the threat of cancer entered our lives. Little did I know at this moment less than a year from this date I would be a chemo mom.

In May of 2015 my daughter would begin chemo treatments for a brain stem and optic nerve tumor. As you follow this page you will find that this little child and his illness put into motion a movement within me a need and want to heal all the children or to give them a fighting chance. It was then that I set out on my mission to find Medical marijuana or cannabis oil for my children and to find a way to get this life saving and live altering medicine into the hands of those who need it. Welcome parents grandparents and those who join me in this movement to heal the kids. My little Tonka has begun low thc oil and is thriving he is able to get up and walk around without assistance he masters stairs and has recently began to jump.