How cannabis oil is helping Jackson thrive.

How cannabis oil is helping Jackson thrive.

12994391_1002934803121749_4377978047364445972_nJackson began his journey to all better on May 16th 2016. On this day i began administering 10 drops of Copper Mountain Elixirs ACDC 12:1 coconut oil tincture 3 times a day under his tongue. I decided to begin taking notes as well as video upon starting this to see for myself if this would really work or if i was just wishful seeing. Sometimes as parents we want something so bad for our children we can nearly convince ourselves something is doing something that i may not be. These videos would be all the proof i would need. Day one Jackson took 10 drops at 11 am i then went for a long walk with Jackson in the stroller. After returning home Jackson ate and went to the pool for his daily soak in the sun. Around 4 pm i again gave Jackson 10 drops of the CBD/THC oil directly under his tongue right before dinner. After dinner i noticed Jackson seemed to be more mobile than normal he was still very tight and walked a bit stiff but he did seem to me to be loosening up. I tried not to read to much into it and get to excited but i couldn’t help myself. I was amazed to see him so active. Around 9 pm i gave Jackson his final 10 drops of the day and decided to video him walking down the hall, i wanted to keep adequate documentation. As you can tell from the video Jackson appeared to be walking fairly fluid a bit stiff and rigid but no pain. This is uncommon for Jackson at the end of a long day where he should have been worn out sore and most days limping or crawling by this time. I was astounded. Because Jackson suffers from CRMO i felt is important to document the weather as it has a big impact on how he feels. Most cold days Jackson is stiff and complains of pains, not really different than someone who suffers from arthritis. May 17th day two was a slightly colder day. Jackson began his morning as usual complaining of what he calls bone pain. I gave him breakfast and 10 drops of the oils. He continued on his day playing in his room laying on the floor watching T.V as he does most cold days. By lunch Jackson was up and walking around and ready to eat. Jackson has not eaten  three meals daily  in nearly two years. The medication he was on for the CRMO gave him stomach aches and acid reflux so he needed to take an antacid to combat that. He often wouldn’t eat much if any lunch and struggled through his dinner. Seeing him excited and ready to eat made me happy. So after lunch i gave him 10 more drops of the oil and he went outside to play in his pool. (this is his favorite place currently) Around 6 pm we sat down for dinner and i was amazed to see him finish his dinner and asked for seconds. By this time i could’ve cared less if the coconut oil helped with the tight muscle tone because for the first time in a very long time my little man was eating! So after dinner he helped clean up and put dishes in the dishwasher around 8 pm i again gave him the 10 drops and took his video. His walk was not much different from the day before but he was happy and so was I. We continued with this treatment for the next two days before increasing the dose as Jackson was still needing his prescription medication for bone pain. I decided to give 10 drops at breakfast 12 after lunch and 13 around bedtime. While treating Jackson with CDB/Thc oil I began to wonder if there were any other options to help fight of the inflammation he was having .  I found research that suggested ginger root extract was effective in treating inflammation so I decided to purchase a bottle and had Jackson begin taking one 550mg capsule with lunch. By the end of day 6 Jackson was walking very fluidly almost near normal with out pain and his foot was not nearly as turned out as it used to be. The reason for this is that the CBD is allowing those tight muscles to relax, in other words the high CBD content was a natural muscle relaxant and the very low THC content was helping with any pain he may have had. The key to understanding how this little guy went from struggling and pain to fluid walking is the CBD allowing those muscles to relax gaving him the freedom to move. The THC has increased his appetite allowing him to eat and maintain the energy he needs to strengthen those underlying muscles. The amazing result of those cannaboids combined came on day 7 when for the FIRST time in Tonka’s little life he was able to walk down steps completely unassisted and finished it off with his very first jump! I feel so blessed to have been able to catch this on camera. I had seen Jackson step up on those tiny stones and asked him to stop. I got my camera and told him to go ahead his response to me was “all by myself” he was telling me to let him try all by his self, I praise the lord I did. That moment changed my life forever. At the very moment he jumped I felt an overwhelming desire to spread the word. I shared the video with some friends who thought it would be helpful to others to see. I decided to send them some older videos of poor little Jackson’s struggle, and that is how the video came about. Since the video I have continued to track Jackson’s progress with more videos ,notes and photos. And yes he has still had a few bad days, but those bad days they are not nearly as bad as they used to be. I have changed Jackson’s dosing with the ginger root and added another 550mg pill given at dinner. This has been helpful in keeping up with CRMO flare up’s. I am certain we will see more positive progress with Jackson as he continues using Cannabis Oil. I look forward to his next appointment with the Rheumatologist, and his upcoming MRI scan. As always I will continue to update Jackson’s progress in video, photo, and blog posts here at as well as with Copper Mountain Elixirs.

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  1. I have a 21 y/o son with mixed CP. He’s able to walk but unable to talk. Did you find that you child’s ability to comprehend and vocalize improved with use of HTC drops” I know that there is a difference as is true of all cases. I would appreciate any help that you might be willing to share. Thanks so very much!!
    Steve A. Thompson

    1. My son has not had an issue with comprehension and vocalization as he is high functioning. I would say try it anyways because it can not hurt him, you never know what can happen. when we started this journey the goal of using cannabis oil was to improve movements and alleviate pain. It was only two months later we realized the oil was treating his bone lesions he HAD from the CRMO.

    1. each person responds differently to the medication i suggest starting low and increasing the dose slowly to find your right fit. Remember it can take up to 2 hours for the medicine to reach full effect.

  2. I was recently diagnosed w bile duct cancer.stage 4.fixing to start chemo really scared.was that dew drops?i tried some cinnamon flavored that the same type of oil…the name on that bootle was SYNERGY. 50 ml.thc and 50 ml.cmb.i need to get on this asap.please respondand where get in central texas.thanks and god bless

  3. Love your videos. I have a 10 year old granddaughter with CP who uses a wheelchair to get around and is getting PT to practice using a walker, do you feel this could help her walk independently one day?

    1. I feel it it would make it easier and much more possible to happen. There is no way to know for sure but there is hope and sometimes thats all we need. <3

  4. Really, really wish we could order this medication here in Indiana. The opioids addiction is out of control. Our county is number 1 in the entire county for manufacturing meth labs illegally! Sickens me.

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