Medical Validation.

Medical Validation.

Every morning at breakfast I administer my children’s cannabis oil. I know that giving them this medicine is helping them i can see it in the way Jackson walks, I realize it more every day that  Jackson is fully functioning, in no pain, and mastering new skills. That for me is enough. For the medical community they like their blood work  and xray’s and all those expensive machine that look at everything you can imagine. They base the success of their treatments on the results. I like getting the results of treatments just as much as anyone would, that in it’s self is terrifying and sometimes exciting as well. Unfortunately for my family these test results are almost never good news. So when when Jackson and I headed off to the hospital for an all day full body MRI I was anxious what these results would say. I knew he was doing better overcoming the challenges of the Cerebral Palsy and we had seen reduction in his CRMO pain and flare ups. I was still very worried what the test would say in regard to Jackson’s bone conditions from CRMO damage. When Jackson last seen the Dr January 28th 2016, there was a great concern that the disease had spread to his spine. The thought was that either his spine was starting to curve or that there was inflammation so bad  that it was causing it to appear to be curving. His knees appeared to be swollen as well. Dr’s felt it was necessary to re-do a whole body MRI in order to get a good look at what was happening inside Jackson’s bones. So we set off to do the scan in early February however Jackson fell sick with a respiratory cold and we had to reschedule the scan. We were able to have the test done on June 27th 2016. I was not prepared for the results of this scan. On July 28th 2016 we met with Jacksons Rheumatologist.  Upon being taken back we met with the Physician Assistant. I told the her we had stopped using prescriptions completely almost 2 months ago and told her i added  THC oil as well as ginger root. During conversation i had also mentioned the video, she wanted to see it so i showed it to her.  She left and when the Dr came back she was with him as well as a student.The Dr. asked me what I had been doing to treat Jackson’s CRMO. I’d told him that I began treating Jackson with a high CBD low THC coconut oil tincture as well as ginger root extract and lotion made from cannabis on his affected areas. The Doctor was very interested in all I had to say about how I had been treating Jackson, how I weened him off the prescriptions and how well I felt he was doing with out them. He asked Jackson to walk for him as they do at every appointment, he checked him out and looked him over and began describing Jackson’s history with the student. He then says may I see the video? Of course i agreed and showed the video to the DR and student. After viewing the video The Dr says ” how do you get this” I told him i was not comfortable discussing that. He was very understanding of why i would not want to. He then asked what a months cost for this is, i gave him a general price. He went on to ask question regarding the medicine, what cannabinoids were in it and what was it extracted with.  I answered all his question and then asked what were the results of Jackson’s MRI? How is his spine looking? He said he is great!, He said they could’t find the original bone lesions that they had disappeared. That they could not find any lesions at all. that there was no spinal involvement . He looks great his blood work is perfect. However there were a few spots showing some inflammation in his legs. He told me to “Keep doing what I’m doing” that he felt this treatment was working well. So well in fact he said Jackson would not need a follow up appointment for at least six months, that he did not want to repeat blood work again (something we had done after every appointment before), and that he wasn’t going to order another MRI for at-least a year. He went on to say that if Jackson is showing the same results after his next MRI he would feel comfortable saying we may have found a successful treatment for CRMO. I was glowing. I could never had imagined this. I never thought when i set out to find some relief for Jackson’s CP that we would find a real safe treatment for his CRMO. One that would lead to him going off all prescriptions and thriving so well. I never thought we would ever get the support of his Dr in doing so, let alone here the Dr say “no prescriptions just do what you are doing it seems to be working well.”  There is no real way to describe how that feels. We now have medical validation and full Dr support. It’s time for changes and sharing these stories, telling our doctors what we are doing. It is so important in repealing this ridiculous prohibition. I hope everyone who reads this will share it with their friends. Spreading the information around is great in helping educate those who still believe cannabis is dangerous.


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  1. I have watched the change in Jackson since treatment was started. It has been an amazing transformation to see him walking & running like any other little boy.Keep up the good work. God is with you in this journey & will continue to guide you & your family

  2. My golden years got a little bumpy in 2005 when prostate cancer and a heart murmur were detected, adding to the skin cancers prevalent for 25 years.  Then a stroke eliminated  the central vision in one eye.   43 prostate radiations and an aortic pig valve kept me going until 2010 when tumors were found growing in my right lung.   24 lung radiations zapped the tumors, but subsequent CT scans showed new tumors growing in the other lobes.

    After Googling Rick Simpson’s “RUN FROM THE CURE” and Shona Banda’s interview on the internet I thought “what have I got to lose”?  So I got a Michigan permit, procured some cannabis and made some Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). I started taking the oil on 11/11/11 and finished his suggested two ounces 5 months later*.  Our 4 children and 9 grand children were unaware of my treatment until we told them in March. No “joint” smoking was involved.

    My oncologist said my last scan was clear.  Thanks to God and Simpson, at 81 I’m again able to enjoy biking, golf, racquetball, water skiing and scuba diving. After several of of my doctors told me they didn’t know anyone else who had cured their cancers with RSO, I felt obliged  to spread the good news, thinking this is what they would have done in my shoes. In so doing, I realized our generation has been so thoroughly brain-washed about the fictitious evils of this remarkable plant**, that many do not even want to discuss it. 

    RSO treatment is a lot easier than chemo, radiation or surgery and is not addictive. Many claims are being publicized that cannabis also treats multiple sclerosis, seizures, arthritis, epilepsy, Parkinsin’s, Crohns, HIV, PTSD, Alzheimers, diabetes, and migraines!
    Although my skin cancers were eliminated for several years with topical RSO, they got worse this past year. Thankfully, conventional surgery/radiation treatments have been successful.

    Lots of folks now realize how effectively the greedy hoax perpetrated 80 years ago by Hearst, Dupont and Rockefeller has adversely affected them and theirs! They now know this brain-washing of humanity has been knowingly continued by today’s drug industry and the government/medical/media establishments it controls.   

    Douglas Wing, M.S., P.E. 586-293-6879 July, 2015

    *Australian Sharon Kelly describes a faster and easier way to treat her lung cancers with RSO in her recent 13’ YouTube video.

    **As Jack Herer said in his 1985 book The Emperor Wears No Clothes “This prolific plant, that we denigrate with the slang name marihuana, will become known to future generations, as it was known to past generations for millennia, as the number-one annually renewable, fully sustainable, non pesticide-requiring and most abundant source of paper/fiber/fuel/food/medicine on the face of the Earth; with more overall uses than any other known plant”.  

  3. Amazing! This is so fantastic and very inspiring! Wishing him a long healthy fun life and hope his story helps change laws to improve the lives of others suffering. And kudos to you Mama!

  4. Good job mom! I also have been an advocate for my son who is a traumatic brain injury survivor…,almost 8 years post accident and I’m still seeking for him.he is now almost 29 years old. He has motor , speech and cognitive issues….I’m so ready to try this….
    What is the name of the oil you gave your son?

  5. HOSPICE ! We are SURROUNDED by God given plants that are more effective than Chemo and Radiation and the plethora of NARCOTICS that go along with that. Seeking Hospice is the final journey –yet there is so much that can be done outside the bounds of Big Pharma and the Oncology bull—-.

    Unfortunately, by the time BIG PHARMA and Oncology are done with us, and the follow-up NARCOTICS take over for the scoring kick, it’s an uphill battle to survive . Why say that you may ask ? Because that’s the point my friends, where they say ,”Sorry, I can’t help you anymore – there is nothing else we can do ” !What they are REALLY SAYING is ” Sorry- but YOU my dear ill and dying cancer patient can’t help ME any more, to claw any future funds from the system so that I can enjoy my affluent lifestyle .”

    Oncology in London Ont told the family of my friend Rose w/lung cancer in April 2015—SEEK HOSPICE. In the beginning of her journey on Cannabis Oil – because she had NO EXP w/Cannabis , it was a bit of a struggle. She started with a low dose Coconut Oil/Cannabis Oil mix in a capsule dose size of 25 MG. Pretty low when we consider we need to get up to a gram a day+ for serious cancer, and there is 1000 MG in a GRAM.

    After a week or so her tolerance started to level out and she upped the dose to 50 MG. Hit a BRICK WALL. Got scared ,dis-oriented etc. Swore OFF IT !! Family encouraged her to try again–with SUPPOSITORIES. She now does 4 x 400 MG daily. Not bad for a lady who had lung cancer, mets to bones and brain, who now finds that the bone pain MAY be arthritis and the brain tumor is not a tumor anymore but scar tissue. In reviewing THAT scan-Oncologist smiled and said ” See here, this was previous scan and we can see the tumor, but on this scan- that tumor looks more like SCAR TISSUE -that’s what Chemo does!!! He had to be reminded that the lady had NO CHEMO. NO RADIATION. Just Cannabis Oil.

    On Oil since MAY 2015 and a few weeks ago, she was enjoying a meet up with my wife and I and having fun in Niagara Falls . Early Sept 2016 she had last scan and blood work–ALL CLEAN-Brain,Bones and Lungs.

    I do hope this stuff is encouraging to all of you afflicted with this cancer animal.Cheers and Good Luck.

  6. Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to authorize the General Assembly to provide by general law for the regulation of the production of cannabis and sale of medical cannabis to certain individuals and further provide that the net revenue of the fees from such production be dedicated to a department and state sale taxes be dedicated to a fund to support drug treatment programs within this state?

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