Reflections and hope for change.

Reflections and hope for change.

13419012_1036426069772622_1573726620864163460_nWatching Jackson progress over the past few weeks is the greatest thing that has happened for our family in quite some time. As I watch him playing with his siblings, participating in household chores, and insisting on doing things for his self I begin to realize that my “baby” boy will not be a baby any longer. Jackson has been walking so well he needs me less every day. I find him finally doing things that most two-year old’s have mastered and it melts my heart. I am filled with joy as I find him raiding the pantry for Marshmallows. Teaching him to master the art of walking up and down steps, recalling how simple and easy this was for my four other children it reminds me just how far behind Jackson is. This same realization also reminds me how blessed he is because there are so many other children who will never meet these milestones. With every step he takes I think of those who are still in need and it pulls at my heart. I recall how I was frustrated at the pharmacy when I had to have Jackson’s newest script filled. Just to be told the insurance will not cover this, then being told that the pharmacy couldn’t fill the medication if the insurance did cover it. The reason being this was a special medicine that had to be mixed a certain way and only a handful of pharmacy’s were capable of doing so. To top it off the cost of the medicine alone would have dead ended us as it was not affordable. This brings to the front of my mind the struggles so many parents like my self are facing. As parents we deserve the legal right to treat our children safely with any medication made from the cannabis plant. We should not be named criminals for wanting to do right by our children. We took that responsibility when we decided to bring these children into the world, and it is out duty to provide them safety, security, nourishment and all necessary medical care. It is my belief that giving Jackson medicine extracted from the cannabis plant is necessary for treating his medical conditions. So many out there would argue this saying I’m masking his pain and that’s what is allowing him walk. To you I say watch the beginning of his journey again. Those first two videos of Jackson were recorded while he was taking Lortab. For those who do not know Lortab is a Hydrocodone bitartrate and Acetaminophen oral solution. In simple terms he was taking Opioid medication. This alleviated some of his pain yet he struggled to move because the Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy was not being treated by the Lortab or naproxen he had been taken. Why is that? Well the Lortab masks pain and the Naproxen reduces inflammation, none of those drugs relaxed any of these muscles that were causing him to struggle with movement. Jackson continued fighting to use muscles that refused to respond. This is where the CBD oil changes Jackson life. Adding 12:1 CDB/THC oil to his treatment gave him exactly what his body needed. Giving him relief safely and with out side effects. The high CBD relaxed those tightened muscles and once he found his footing he was off to the races. Working muscles he had not been able to use before, he was no longer fighting against his own body allowing him the energy to keep going. He didn’t need to rest as often the first few days. Jackson is building good muscle tone and he continues to do so getting better day by day. And yes he still has some bad days where he is hurting and not moving so well, however these new “bad” days are nothing compared to his old bad days.

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  1. I am reading a bit of your family’s tale…so do the oils help with the CP or was it a combination of the CP and bone disorder? I am still learning about CP. My hubby has it, and though it is only a 2% chance or so that it is hereditary (so I have read?) I still am trying to learn as much as possible just in case we end up having a wee one with the same condition. Also, I would need to know more as we get older. My hubby is a trooper, and rarely complains…but I know he’s hurting sometimes. By the way your son is a gorgeous little turkey and I am so happy that he is doing better. Good for you, not stopping in your search for answers.

  2. Thank you Heidilynn for your comment. First let me assure that Cerebral palsy is not hereditary. Cerebral palsy is a medical condition that is caused by an injury to the brain typically during childbirth. As stated in my blog the CBD oil is extremely useful in treating spastic Cerebral palsy because the high CBD content acts as muscle relaxant allowing Jackson to use his tight muscles much easier. The bone condition is treated by the ginger root and Naproxen he takes. Neither of those help the CP as they are anti-inflammatory agents. I hope this helps clear somethings up. I wish the best for you, your husband and hopefully future children.

  3. Our son has a rare genetic condition called Mowat-Wilson Syndrome, but his medical condition is coded as spastic cerebral palsy. He crawls well, and newly up stairs, but does not walk yet. He has a gait trainer, and we’re working on it constantly, so he’s getting close. Our son gets botox injections 1x every 3-4 months to help relieve tension. Would this CBD oil take the place of that?

    1. Hello Melissa Jackson is currently using the 12:1 CBD oil to treat his spastic CP, because the CBD is an natural muscle relaxant i would think it would think it should help to ease the tightness in the muscle. Using this type of treatment is very unique to each person, i would recommend giving the oils a try. if you need any help please feel free to send me an email. I wish you all the best with your little one.

  4. I heard about your little boy that that took CBD. Jaxson has the same diagnosis as my son with having mild Cerebral palsy. I saw visual results on how it changed Jackson’s life in just a couple days starting his treatment with CBD. He went from only taking a few steps on his own to walking. Then after a week he was running on his own with no assistance aid at all! Prior to your son taking the treatment he was walking with an aid of a walker just as my son is doing right now. He does not have any more options of getting him to walk on his own besides the walker and the ankle foot orthotics with twisting cables connected. He had Botox injections in his ankles and it didn’t make a change not one bit. My goal is to try the same treatment as Jackson for my son Jaxson to see if it will improve his walking ability as it did for Jackson. Would you have any suggestions on how many MG would be ideal to start him on or what are the different low thc doses that are offered in the CBD? What dose of the CBD he take? Any help/advise/ or information will help in accordance to the Low thc CBD. I hope to hear from you soon. My wish is to try and start treatment as soon as possible before his doctors make the decision on casting his ankles which will be in a few weeks. The casting treatment process takes at least 8 weeks with new casting being replace and his ankle and food being slightly adjusted for 8 weeks or longer. If I give the opportunity for the CBD make a difference it will be less stressful and less painful if it happens to work on him as well or at least close would be a better solution. Thank you and I really hope to hear from you soon. What was the whole treatment plan you did for your son and the MG of the low THC dose in the CBD. I saw some ratios you Shared that was also mixed with other organic oils. The rations you mentioned in the video on YouTube was a little confusing for me to follow however I do better understand when stated x-amount of drops of the CBD mixed with x- amount of drops with the other named drops you had mixed together. Since it is placed under the tongue would it make a difference if he had swallow it right after given because I know that is something he would want to do. I hope to hear from you really soon!thank you so much! If you would like to message me from FB with details or it it happens to be easier to talk on the phone please call me 815-216-3459. If I happen to not answer my phone just leave me a message and who you are. I do return calls I will try not to miss your response here when you reply.

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