Taking on the World.

Taking on the World.

Now that Jackson has passed his One year Cannaversary I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you what life is like now. Jackson was successfully off all prescription medications for seven months. During those months we watched him become stronger and develop more and more. He had gained the ability to dance,run,jump and play almost completely in step with his siblings. His doctors however are anxious. Jackson’s disease is a one in a million disease. There is not a lot of medical research and treatment plans that have shown any amount of success. Because Jackson is the youngest child his doctors have seen with this disease they fear the long-term damage of the disease is to unknown to chance not being on an anti-inflammatory medication. So we began giving him an NSAID with his Cannabis oil and ginger root. Jackson is still developing far beyond what would normally be expected for a child with Cerebral Palsy and CRMO. The success that he has seen has opened a whole new world for him.File_000 (3) This year we took to our state capital to share Jackson’s Journey with cannabis and ask our legislators to please consider making his treatment a legal option. Jackson’s conditions are not yet considered debilitating enough to get a medical cannabis recommendation and registration card here in the state of Georgia. It’s clearly obvious from seeing Jackson’s progression over the past year that cannabis is the only treatment that works for him, we thought this would be an easy sell. We were sadly mistaken. So whats next for this little cannabis warrior? School. Jackson will begin school in three months. The hope is he will be able to attend mainstream classes without the use of mobility devices. This is big step for him as he has never been off the medicine during the middle of the day. We are hopeful that tweaking his morning dose will allow for him to maintain mobility pain-free throughout the school day. With Jackson beginning school this opens up a lot free time for me. I have every intention to continue to lobby our state capital and local legislators until the day that everyone has the ability to use this medicine. So that no mother has to watch their child suffer. So that my son can go to school and take his medicine in the middle of the day. To hopefully break barriers and remove the stigma attach to cannabis here in the south and hopefully across the country. I have found over the past year that cannabis has consumed my life. I am in no way a recreational user of cannabis and I am barely a medical user. I fight this fight with the people here in Ga because I believe in a better quality of life. I believe in personal choice, I believe in safer alternatives, I believe that the war on drugs is a war on people, that the government is far to involved in what we the people do with our own bodies. I believe that as a parent I should have the right to medicate my child anyway I see fit without fear of persecution. I implore you all to start speaking out and to help break the silence, to no longer be the silent majority but the overwhelmingly outspoken majority. I watched so many patients testify before our house of representatives and out state senate.All the while  thinking  we were making big progress, just to watch it fall short leaving behind so many sick and suffering people. Men women and children alike.File_000 (6) I sat with parents of autistic children and watched them celebrate with tears of relief and joy. I felt the relief they were feeling, but I also  felt the loss and sadness not only for myself and my children but for the autistic child I had to give up when things became too much. I felt all the anger and frustration of wishing I had known of this medicine sooner. Thinking that it may have given us another option. Feeling guilt for having failed my son. I found myself devastated all over again by my loss. I tried to focused on the positive. That now many parents across the state would have this option. I held on to the hope that no mother would ever have to feel the sadness and despair I had felt in the days leading up to moving my child 800 miles away. I also felt hope that one day my son would be able to come home and have a treatment option. The passing of this recent legislation appeared on the outside to be a big step forward in Ga. The truth of the matter was the majority of folks were left sitting in the rubble of the “compromise bill”. Those with chronic pain were bargained off the bill, those with debilitating autoimmune condition were left behind. Even our veterans. Those brave men and women who went to war for us. Those who fought for our right to speak out freely, Had again been ignored. They had become just another casualty of politics. It makes you wonder when did our veterans become so insignificant to our country? you see I believe if a veteran is reaching out for help that he or she should get that help no matter what. They dedicated years of their lives so you and I could sit here today and read and write these blogs expressing out very own thoughts and feelings. Yet our legislators feel they don’t deserve safe access to life saving and life changing medicine.12821511_10208792878690274_5424071710079382976_n I can not sit down quietly and return to the capital next year so hopeful and believing these folks will do the will of the people. It has become my mission to show up in numbers, loud numbers. We intend to make a little noise and let these law makers know the time is now. The people have spoken. It is time to get on this train or get replaced by someone who is willing to do our work. We hired them to represent us! If they are unwilling to work with us then it’s time we find someone who is. Georgia I ask you to stand with us this session and help bring these much-needed changes. Contact me personally if you want to discuss this. Join your local Norml chapter they will keep you up to date on all the events and lobby days that will be coming. Reach out to your own representatives both state and federal.  Tell them you want them to represent you on this matter. You do not have to be afraid any longer. Do not fear the stigma. That stigma comes from ignorance and that ignorance is passing. Please stand on the right side of history and help us win this fight. Until next time



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  1. Hi I originally shared this post as I was amazed at the progress Jackson made. I am pleased to see he is still making progress.
    I pray this continues.
    I am interested to know if the treatment you are giving him is CBD oil.

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