ABC’s of CBD/THC: What patients need to know.

ABC’s of CBD/THC: What patients need to know.

I have recently been getting a lot of questions from patients who need help understanding the medical cannabis industry. Unfortunately there are no real guidelines. So I give the best information available as a reference and often talk patients through dosing and appropriate medication for their individual ailments. This has prompted me to post what I hope will be a very informative and helpful piece in helping others find safe medication. Learning the lingo  will help insure you can make an informed decision. I know beginning the journey to understanding medical marijuana can be confusing and overwhelming. I hope these terms listed below are the helpful in figuring out what you as a patient really need to know. Let’s break it down to the basics. I’m sure we have all wondered how are THC/CBD medicines able to treat so many diseases and disorders? The answer if very simply this. EVERY human being is born with an Endocannabinoid system, otherwise referred to as your ECS or EC. The ECS is a group of cannabinoid receptors located in your brain. When you ingest CBD/THC in any form it activates these receptors. Essentially giving your body the natural boost it needs to help fight off symptoms and often times begin to “heal” itself. Now that we have covered the why or how does medical marijuana work let’s look at some of the common terms you will see when trying to find your way through this maze. We will focus on terms specifically related to medical cannabis to help “weed” out the information we as patients really need to know.

  • Alcohol extraction: The process of stripping the essential oils from the cannabis plant using alcohol. Most commonly ethyl or isopropyl alcohols are used.
  • Bud: slang term for the flower part of the marijuana plant (this is where we get the medicine)
  • Cbd (Cannabidiol): This is the cannabinoid that we find useful for treating arthritis, seizures, pain, neuropathy and a slew of other ailments
  • Hybrid: Combination of two or more plant species. For medical purposes you may see these 3 different Hybrid strains. Sativa-dominant, Indica-dominant, 50/50. Making Hybrids is essential in treating many illnesses.
  • Hydrocarbon extractions: A way of extracting CBD/THC oils using hydrocarbons like propane or butane
  • Indica: One of two major strains of cannabis plants. This strain has been found most useful for treating Cancer, body pain, relaxing muscles, and one of the major players in helping Seizure patients.
  • Indica is also helpful for insomnia patients due to it’s THC yeilds, it has also been know to have anti-inflammatory properties making this a great choice for those with arthritis.
  • Ruderalis: (Not so commonly used or discussed) is also a strain of cannabis plant. This plant is less commonly used by those looking for a high THC yield as this plant produces more CBD than THC.
  • Sativa: The second of the two major strains of cannabis plants. Sativa is preferred for patients looking to treat psychological issues such as depression. This strain of cannabis increases dopamine levels in the brain giving the patient increased feeling of pleasure, helping with motivation, productivity and focus. Sativa is known for giving patients a stimulating or euphoric effect

RSO: Rick Simpson Oil this is the oil most commonly used to fight cancer:

How much to start with? If you are fighting cancer or other life threatening disease Rick Simpson recommends ingesting 60 grams over a 90 day period to start.For non life threatening, start small. I repeat, start small as RSO is a concentrate. Getting your dose correct can be difficult. Different strains, different tolerances, even different batches of oil. What if I take too much? Don’t worry, you can’t die from taking too much, it is impossible because unlike opiates there are no cannabinoid receptors in the part of your brain that are responsible for your automatic baseline functions like making your heart beat, and breathing. So if you do take too much just rest easy.(taken from

  • Strain: You have seen this word used often so what does it mean? Simply put it is the kind of plant being used. This can be easily equated to the type of dog or cat breed you prefer.
  • THC: The abbreviation for the scientific term Tetrahydrocannabinol. The most common or known cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. THC is great when used for lack of appetite. This is the cannabinoid responsible for the high feeling that comes from smoking marijuana. Thc plays a large role in cancer cell death. Recently THC has been shown promising in treating Alzheimers disease.
  • Tincture: This term you will see when looking at cannabis as a medicine. This term refers to the liquid form of cannabis typically made from alcohol or coconut oil extraction.

Knowing these terms and learning about the different strains and hybrids available will help patients easily navigate their way through the countless articles online. Making research simpler and finding what works best for you much easier. I recommend this site they have a wealth of information:

This is the official Rick Simpson page. Mr. Simpson is the man who started it all by curing his own cancer with cannabis.

I strongly recommend watching the documentary Run from the cure as well:


Please be safe when purchasing oil I recommend NEVER buying any medication that is not lab tested! There are a lot of bad people out there selling garbage as RSO. Those people do not care if we live or die or if our loved ones get better. I again will say NEVER buy with out a lab test. This should be available upon request you should never have to pay first to see a lab or be told you have to pay for the lab from the company you get oil from. If you buy oil with out a lab and are in legal states there are places to have these labs performed. I will leave a sample lab report in this blog post. Looking for pesticide and microbials is important as well. Many company’s will add this to their final labs or will offer the results in a separate test preformed on the raw cannabis. I have a link on this blog site to a trusted company that always has labs readily available. You can find this link on the right hand side. My children and Step-Father use this medication. If you have any questions message me on Facebook Bridgett Liquori, or through my email contact form on this site. I do not make any money off anything I recommend. I do this because everyone deserves a chance to live and have the medicine they need to do so. I have seen my Dad given back months of his life(hopefully more), my son has regained his ability to walk. My daughter came off numerous prescriptions thanks to cannabis oil. I believe in this medicine.

This is a sample Raw cannabis lab report with microbial and pesticide testing.

sample lab report

This is a sample of a high THC coconut oil tincture. Microbial testing and solvent testing are included in this lab report.


This is the preferred report.(I personally will not purchase any oil that doesn’t have this report).

The bellow image is a certificate for Cannibinoid content. This only tells you what the amount of each cannibinoid is. This does not tell you whether the medicine was tested for microbials, pesticides, or residual solvents. Do not accept this as lab testing for microbial and pesticides and residual solvents. Residual solvents can have negative effect and make the medicine unsafe.


There are many different ways you will see lab results printed. Learning what to look for on these labs is just as important and learning what medicine will work best for you.

9 thoughts on “ABC’s of CBD/THC: What patients need to know.

  1. My wife has adenocarcinoma of the lung with pulmonary implications. Spots on her liver and in the bone near the hip. She has been taking the CBD dominant for several months but is no where nearv1 gram a day. She complains of being dizzie so I recently stopped her blood pressure medication as I believe the Dominate CBD can lower blood pressure. Do I have her on the right oil? I am estimating she takes about .10 to .15 grams twice a day. She is also taking carboplatin and Pemetrexed.

    1. It’s recommended higher THC strains, specifically an Indica is best for treating cancer. Higher CBD should help with tumor reduction and inflammation. I am unaware of dizziness as a side effect of CBD however I can say this. My daughter just finished with 7 months of Carboplantin and dizziness was a big side effect for her. I would recommened mentioning this to your wifes oncologist at her next appointment.

    2. Frank I also want to share that my Dad was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer it spread into his bones and lymph-nodes as well. He was doing almost a full gram a day of SKY Walker OG RSO. His last scans showed the cancer is gone from his bones and the lymph-nodes. He was initially given 4-6 months, His doctor is now saying confidently at-least 22 months. My dad is continuing to take his oil and has added high CBD to his treatment. I am confident he will continue to get better.

      1. First let me thank you for such a quick response. Can you direct me to a reputable source for the Skywalker OG RSO?

        I have been purchasing the Cbd dominate from copper mountain elixirs. I want to give my wife every possible chance to beat this thing. I would really appreciate your taking time to lay out a plan that might help.

        God Bless, Frank

  2. Hi , I have an inoperable cancer called Thymoma which at the moment is stable . I would like to start taking RSO but don’t know a reliable source and also I live in the U.K. Please could someone direct me to a reputable source. Thankyou

    God Bless

  3. Thank you for your weath of information. I will share this and hope you keep us all informed with any updated info. Best of health to you and your family!:)

  4. Any suggestions for anything that will help with intense pain and nausea caused by: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromialgia, 35+ years type 1 diabetes, neuropathy body wide, gastroparesis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and general inability to focus and to remember things? I live in VA, so any reliable source info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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