Resilience in the face of adversity.

Resilience in the face of adversity.

It’s been some time since I have had a moment to sit and blog about the amazing effects cannabis has had on Jackson. So long in fact it got me to thinking about how long it had been since Jackson has struggle through a pain filled day. So I went back through my daily record of Jackson’s activities and found  Jackson’s last bad day was June 5th 2016. A bad day consist of pain, stiffness, inability to walk or painful walking, and a lack of energy. Today is October 19th 2016. As of today it has been 136 days pain free and moving! Jackson continues to thrive with cannabis oil. He is currently taking 39-45 drops of Copper Mountain Elixirs 12:1 AC/DC coconut oil tincture. That is roughly 2 ml spread out over 3 doses each day. Jackson has seen some struggles with maintaining appetite still so I adjust his dose as needed to encourage eating through out the day. Today I want share with you a bit differently than I normally do. Most of you have found your way to this blog because at some point you viewed  Jackson’s video from Facebook. Well I want to share a couple more recent videos with you. The First one was taken June 5th on Jackson’s last bad day. The other is from yesterday October 18th 2016.

As you can see from these videos Jackson has so much energy. He’s free from pain, stiff muscles, and he is thriving.  Jackson has gone from being nearly non mobile, miserable and in pain, to running down the streets laughing and enjoying his life everyday. This is all the proof I need that Cannabis is medicine. I want to thank you for following Jackson’s Journey with cannabis oil. I am looking forward to sharing more of his progress, achievements, and triumphs with you. ~CannaMom

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  1. What a beautiful story .It touched my heart to watch little Jackson go from a boy with pain unable to do what little boys do to an active child running down the street with him family, pups and all.Ive always had an idea that cannabis had either healing properties or would work on many types of pain.Thank God Jackson has a Mommy who went that extra mile,to say the least, so he could have some part of a normal childhood. Ill always remember how Jackson starts his run,with a swipe of his right foot and he’s off.I hope you Mom ,Jackson and the rest of the family is forever blessed.❤💙

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